Extra Luggage

The free baggage allowance granted to our passengers is 2 (two) pieces, provided that it does not exceed 30 kg. Detailed information on the rules to be applied for baggage exceeding the specified limit is given below.

Extra baggage sales rules:

• Only ticketed passengers can benefit from the extra baggage application.
• For each baggage with an extra baggage cost of more than 2 (two), 1 (one) ticket on that line is charged. No discount applies to the extra baggage fee.
• Our passengers who will be traveling can purchase the extra baggage allowance from our ticket sales offices, from our authorized personnel (Luggage Personnel, Bus Captain, Ticket Salesperson) at our main and intermediate stops.
• Specially identified items such as sports equipment/instruments cannot be considered as extra baggage.
• The sum of the width, height and height of one piece of luggage must be a maximum of 158 cm.
• Extra baggage cannot be sold through online channels for all travels in Havaist vehicles. Fares, rules and conditions for travel can be found at our ticket offices.
• Extra baggage cannot be sold for infant passengers. Passengers with infants can carry a stroller not exceeding 115 cm in size as luggage, provided that they pay the seat fee on all trips. The stroller is accepted in the luggage compartment of the vehicle free of charge.
• Extra baggage sale may be restricted according to the capacity of the Havaist vehicle.

Extra baggage change and return rules:

• Partial refunds are not possible for extra baggage taken from our Ticket Sales Offices. Passengers can return their extra baggage allowance on all their journeys and purchase extra baggage allowances for any trips they wish.
• Extra baggage allowance cannot be transferred to other passengers traveling with the passenger or to other travels of the passenger.
• Extra baggage of passengers who make changes in their travels will not be transferred automatically. Passengers, if they wish, can purchase extra baggage allowance for their new trips by making a refund for their old trips through Havaist Ticket Sales Offices before their journey.
• If the extra baggage that does not comply with the sales or transportation rules cannot be carried, it can only be returned at the ticket sales office before the trip.
• For safety, security and operational reasons, extra baggage cannot be guaranteed.

General baggage rules:

• Before your journey starts, you should make sure that your total baggage allowance is shown on the ticket.